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The Circle of Divine Destiny

The CODD Process

What the Circle is?

The Circle of Divine Destiny is a process that offers a "Hand Up" to those who are not living the destinies they were designed to accomplish. It is a place where the ones who have been blessed offer a "hand up" in humble thankfulness of their Divine Blessings and Accomplishments. "Am I my brothers keeper," Cane ask God after he had slain his brother. We believe that we are our brothers and sisters keepers, not in the sense of being enablers, but in the sense of being encouragers and motivators. Our belief is that people matter, and where some may have fallen down - they can get up and back in the successful lane of life.

The Circle is intended to be self perpetuating in that the journeyers who are helped are expected by covenant to give back by working in the process once they are firmly on their journeys toward fulfillment. They can do this by mentoring/coaching new journey travelers, giving financially, or testifying to others for participation and involvement. Our goal is to demonstrate the processes success through the accomplishments of its participants.

How the Circle Works!

The Circle is a process that is designed uniquely for each member on the journey. The total process is a two year one but parts can be tailored for each individual. The following phases are followed:

Phase I: Intake Interview and Assessment

Phase 2: Journey Design Plan

Phase 3: The Circle of Divine Destiny Orientation Retreat

Phase 4: Process Training and Equipping

Phase 5: Occupation/Advance Education Mobilization

Phase 6: Reintegration as Circle Contributor