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The Essentials of Modern Management - Dr. Jerry B. Madkins


Dr. Madkins work on The Essentials of Modern Management   is a must have for those in management positions. He moves the practice of management from theory to practice in a seamless fashion along with practical application and wisdom.  

The textbook, “The Essentials of Modern Management”, is written to assist the 21st Century student in achieving his or her higher education aspirations and also developing their career management goals in an optimal manner. Someone might ask, “Why another textbook on the subject of management?” The answer to this question is very simple. This is not the “normal” type textbook on the subject of management. While this textbook does employ and explain the normal subject materials on Human Resource Management; this textbook deviates in several important ways. The innovative and different pedagogical approaches used in this textbook will better allow the 21st Century student “survive and excel” in the modern work environment in a more proficient manner. This author uses a more “common-sense” approach to management theories and leadership principles to accomplish this “survivability with excellence” in an ever changing global environment. This approach is based on the author’s more than twelve years of actual work experience as a Human Resource Officer and teaching this subject at two major universities.

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