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The Circle of Divine Destiny

"Helping People Achieve Divine Destinies"

Vision: To Become a premiere hub of training and resources to aid those who need a shot at a better life...

(pipeline to prison)

Core Initiatives - The Circle of Divine Destiny

ACT/SAT (HEAP) ProgramButton Text

Higher Education Achievement Program identifies and trains students starting in middle school to take the SAT/ACT for higher scores.

Second Chance Initiative

Second Chance offers a "helping hand up" for adults wishing to pursue a new course in life and seek fresh dreams.

Supportive Life Initiative

Life Initiatives - trains participants to master the life skills needed to function in a high tech and global world.

Job Intergration Initiative

The Circle serves as an advocate and facilitator for clients to engage the workforce and supports them for working stability.

Reproduction Service Initiative

The Circle is a process that challenges participants to give back to those in need. Graduates serve as mentors/coaches and workers in the CODD process.

Community Initiatives - The Extentions of Support

Veteran Support Initiative

VSI insures that no Veteran is left behind in care & support. We render the nations appreciation and salute.

Wounded Warrior Initiative

WWI helps Warriors reengage their families, community and life in light of the impact of war and its after effects.  

Hunger Food Initiative

HFI is an effort to see that no one in our beloved community goes to bed or school hungry.

Boys Leadership Initiative

BLI is a 6 Week program to challenge boys between 13-18 to embrace thier destiny and exercise wise choices in life.

Girls Leadership Initiative

GLI is a 6 Week program to challenge girls between 13-18 to embrace thier desitny and exercise wise choices in life.

"My Dark Days are Brighter through Determination"... Audrey Ashley